Call My Mom™ Coaching Calls Support Seniors.

At Call My Mom, our objective is to proivde your loved ones with engaging Coaching Calls delivered by CareFriends to improve their life. From promoting accountability for self-care, to becoming more independant, our trained professionals will work with our seniors to created customized goals to meet their individual needs.

Our Companionship Coaches promote increased brain health through cognitive stimulation, as well as physically distanced engagement without the high costs of home care. 

To help your parent improve their quality of life through well-being coaching.


Call My Mom Coaching & Companionship Services



1. Pick your plan

Browse our plans to choose how many times a week you or your loved one receives a coaching call.

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2. Get matched

A trained CareFriend will start lifestyle coaching leading towards well-being.

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3. Stress less

Watch your loved one improve their well-being and quality of life.

Our Coaches Create Engagement!


Affordable & Effective! 

We know how much you love and admire your aging parents. We also know that this can be a crazy busy time in life. Our job is to take one thing off your very full plate so you have room to breathe. At Call My Mom, our goal is to make sure your loved ones are coached and listened to without the cost of in-home care or a nursing home.

By signing up for our program, you are ensuring that your parents get extra attention – warding off loneliness and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Our care professionals will coach your parent 1, 3 or 5 times throughout the week, depending on the plan you choose.
You can probably feel the weight on your shoulders getting lighter already.

Our Care Plans

We offer three different care plans to choose from. They include one, three or five coaching sessions per week. After sign up, your elderly parent will be matched with a professional CareFriend who has been trained to coach people just like your mom or dad. Watch their friendship grow as they share meaningful conversations each week and see the power positive interactions can have on your parent’s quality of life.

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