Senior Help Line: The Answer for Loneliness

Jan 29, 2019

Imagine for a moment what the world would be like if loneliness didn’t exist. Country musicians, for one, would have a lot less to talk about. Interestingly enough, however, it’s talking that may be the key to helping many who suffer from both loneliness and isolation.

The most at-risk group for loneliness—senior citizens—benefit greatly from a daily dose of meaningful conversation. They can often find this conversation through resources like hotlines for lonely seniors. Most health and wellness programs for seniors, or senior care services, also include social interaction in their mix of daily elderly support. But these services aren’t readily available as home care assistance options. Today, the best bet for lonely seniors seeking companionship and friendship may be a service like Call My Mom.

Social Isolation and Your Health

Feelings of loneliness can be so intense that they overshadow all aspects of your life – intense enough that the National Institute on Aging (NIA) has declared loneliness a threat to physical health.

According to NIA research, mental decline, weakened immune systems, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, depression and early death are among some of the health costs of social isolation for senior citizens.

The physical toll of loneliness cannot be overstated, but neither can the benefits of regular, meaningful conversation. Like shining a light into a dark room, senior citizen hotlines can alleviate the heavy weight of isolation.

According to the NIA study, some of the potential benefits of social connection include a boost in mood, sharper mental function, a heightened sense of purpose and a longer life. The key takeaway is that becoming more involved with others can improve your sense of wellbeing and overall health.

Types of Elder Care Hotlines

There are a several types of hotlines that serve as communication resources for the elderly. Each has a very different purpose and function.

  • Crisis hotlines for seniors field calls from people in distress – those who may be facing difficulties with loneliness, depression, grief, suicidal thoughts, abuse or neglect. They also provide guidance to caregivers and family members of suffering seniors, advising them on how to best provide support.
  • Community resource hotlines guide senior callers to support groups, information on Medicare, local housing assistance, physician groups, senior activity centers and more.
  • Scam hotlines or tip lines are available to listen to seniors who have been preyed upon by scam artists and to give them advice about what to do and how to protect their finances and identities going forward.
  • Lonely hotline numbers allow seniors to phone in when they need someone to talk to. A caring individual listens to them and possibly offers friendly advice and support.
  • Wellness calls, a unique service offered by Call My Mom, provides cheerful, meaningful conversations for seniors on topics that interest them. In contrast to call-in lines, scheduled calls are made directly to the senior. They are checked in on each day to make sure they are thriving and are given gentle reminders to help them remember their medications and other important commitments and events.

While each of these hotlines can provide value to seniors in specific ways, they also have some glaring shortcomings.

First, most lack the personal connection that is built over time through ongoing and meaningful conversation. At Call My Mom, we get to know our seniors by spending quality time together in relationship-building conversations.

Second, these hotlines require seniors to call in when they need something. They are largely on-demand services. Seniors living independently are a characteristically self-reliant group and can be slow to reach out with questions or concerns. When talking with a CareFriend at Call My Mom, these same seniors freely discuss their concerns because they have an established relationship.

Third, there is little or no follow-up. Once the call ends, seniors are usually left in the same situation with the same concerns. With Call My Mom, seniors know exactly when their CareFriend will call again and ask follow-up questions to see if the situation has improved.

Finally, helplines are largely band aids. They leave myriad gaps through which seniors can fall. Many of the warning signs of seniors suffering or in trouble only become apparent in retrospect. Helplines and hotlines can only do so much. At Call My Mom, we get to know our seniors and notify their emergency contact person when something seems out of place, follow-up is needed or medical assistance is required.

We Talk and Listen

Call My Mom provides stimulating conversations and wellness calls to our customers on an ongoing, scheduled basis. Each customer receives an upbeat, safe and secure friendship-building call that also ensures they are doing well that day.

Feelings of isolation, depression and loneliness are driven away during these positive conversations, replaced by feelings of companionship and wellbeing. Over time, true friendships emerge as our CareFriends regularly connect with each senior.

Personalized Attention

Using background information provided by the customer, we are able to discuss topics of interest during each call. Specific likes and dislikes are taken into account, serving as a solid basis for fast friendship through our senior talk line. This individualized attention often turns out to be the brightest time of the day for seniors, giving them something to look forward to in an otherwise routine day.

Taking Time to Care

Adult children with aging parents often find themselves in a difficult position. They know their parents need more attention and care than what their busy schedules allow them to give. Call My Mom is more than just a service for these families, it is a lifesaver.

The friendships we make with our seniors are genuine. Our CareFriends truly care about each senior and are sincere about helping them have a happy, healthy day.

Going Above and Beyond

In addition to initiating meaningful conversations with our elderly friends, we provide help in other ways. For example, thoughtful prompts for seniors to take their medications, eat something healthy, or appointment reminders. We also encourage seniors to stay active; getting exercise and taking advantage of social outings. We’re fully invested in their wellbeing so if there’s a way to be a positive influence in their lives, we’ll find it.

Safe and Secure

We have proven processes in place to keep your personal information safe and confidential. When you fill out the initial online questionnaire profiling likes and dislikes and potential topics of conversation, we will only use the information to get to know our customers. You can trust us to keep your information secure.

We also handpick and carefully screen and train each Call My Mom care professional to ensure they deliver the level of companionship and reliability you expect from a trustworthy senior friend finder service.

Affordable Choices

When it comes to senior care, one size definitely does not fit all. At Call My Mom, we know that individuals have unique needs. That’s why we offer three plans to fit every budget. Choose from 5 calls a week, 3 calls a week or 1 call a week and receive a scheduled, quality phone conversation with a trained care professional. We know that keeping in touch means keeping them happy, and we’re here to do just that.

Give your mom or dad the best gift!

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift no matter when it’s given. Show your mom or dad how much you care with the gift of a Care Friend and the individualized care and attention they’ll provide. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and one that he or she deserves!