How To Cope With Valentines Day Loneliness

Feb 13, 2020

With only a couple of hours away from the much anticipated Valentine’s Day, those who have invested time in creating relationships and bonds beyond the usual friendships are waiting for Friday; Valentine’s Day by the hour.

Televisions have painted the screens red with endless “romantic get-away for two”, “dinner for the lovers” adverts while our local shops and street hawkers are incorporating the fake red roses into their usual merchandise stalls.

It is a significant gesture that people are looking forward to celebrating such a special day the best way possible. The choice for a Valentine, as we may all agree, usually zeroes down to the people for whom we have romantic feelings and relationships with.

It being the 21 Century, however, people have diversified the idea of a Valentine to be anybody that one loves; be it a family member or a work colleague.

While Valentine’s Day ignites love sparks in the lovers’ space, it can be challenging for those who are single for reasons they know and circumstances they can’t control. It is even harder for people who have been to that epic  adventure of love but for some reason, it’s not the same anymore.

As we celebrate with the lovers, here is how to deal with the rowdy feelings of loneliness that are most likely going to engulf your whole being come February 14.

Stick to your usual routine

Most of the burdening issues that drain out our happiness are those that we give a green light to, most especially in our minds.

Keeping busy and living life like any other normal day will save you the endless thoughts of “how would it be if he/she was with me?” Go to work, eat food, workout, take a shower and let the beddings hug your exhaustion away.

Ditch the love triggers

If you are single and don’t expect a miracle lover for a day, why hang out in the candle-lit diner corners? This will only torture your mind with imaginations that won’t let you breath. A lonely heart is best nursed in the comfort of your living room, catching up on your favorite sitcom.

Organise a ‘Girl-entines’ day out

Still trying to figure out the term ‘girl-entine’? Well, it’s the single girls’ kind of Valentine’s celebration. Despite the above, we must admit that loneliness will somehow creep in on you even when you are munching on cookies in your pyjamas at home.

Call your single friends and go party the night off, trust me by the time you wake up from the drunken night, it will be Saturday and Valentine’s Day will be long gone.

Have some “me time”

While people are getting the closest shave on their beard to go please a girl who has been eating nothing but water so as to fit in the new dress, spare yourself some hours and take care of ‘YOU’.

Being single is sometimes a precious gift of time to revisit your inner self, massage your feet, oil your scalp and have your nails done, no matter how many hour it takes – because nobody is complaining about time anyway.

Gift yourself!

As cringy as it may sound, the bitter fact is, not everyone who receives a bouquet of sweet scented flowers at your work place is really surprised. If you had a chance to check their purse, a receipt from the florist, dated not many days back, would pop out.

People have mastered the art of pleasing themselves by making others envious, so if you are one who expects nothing, not even if Tulips grew on the roadsides of Kampala streets, buy yourself some chocolates and lick Valentine’s Day away.

Revisit your hobbies

Life sometimes gets really busy and we are forced to drop some of the things or practices we enjoy to do. If you are single this Valentine’s Day, it is a chance to claim your old self once more.

Grab that old sci-fi novel and dive into some fantasy, get your bikinis on and go swimming, call your football fanatic buddy and hit the pitch or dust off your year planner and begin a new chapter in life, it will be worth it.

Reach out to another lonely soul

“Matters of the heart can only be understood by the heart,” so goes the proverbial saying whose application best suits this situation.

While you are lonely, it’s a no brainer that many other people are also yearning for a companion. Take this day to reach out to somebody whom you are sure needs to smile despite their loneliness. It could be family, friends, the sick and everyone who deserves your compassion.

Give your mom or dad the best gift!

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift no matter when it’s given. Show your mom or dad how much you care with the gift of a Care Friend and the individualized care and attention they’ll provide. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and one that he or she deserves!