EWC Is Providing Tips To Stave Off Loneliness And Depression

Mar 29, 2020

TORRINGTON, Wyo. – (KNEP) – An Eastern Wyoming College doctor provides tips to stave off loneliness with the announcement that schools will remain closed through April 17th.

According to research, social relationships are an important component of human life. A network of positive relationships provides a source of support, meaning and guidance which can influence mental health. Social isolation is a situation that can influence health and well-being. Adults who are socially isolated may experience feelings of loneliness and depression. Please make sure you connect with friends and neighbors through phone calls, instagrams, texts, etc. Other ways to deal with loneliness:

• Listen to some music
• Read a good book
• Watch a movie and discuss with your long-distance friends
• Take a 15-minute power nap
• Start cleaning
• Organize something you have been wanting to organize
• Check on an elderly neighbor; just a call can make a difference
• Do something for your roomie
• Clean out the flower beds
• Start a work out routine (just 5 minutes makes a difference)
• Create something: sketch, paint, knit, just get those creative juices flowing
• Take the dog for a walk or two or three
• Study for 30 more minutes than usual

If you are struggling with loneliness, anxiety or depression and need professional help, call a local therapist or if you have suicidal thoughts call the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

The school also created a list of frequently asked questions on their website for students to look at.

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