One Good Thing: Chalk Your Walk, Messages Of Love An Encouragement During Coronavirus Crisis

Apr 1, 2020

Conn. (WTNH) — People all around Connecticut are spreading positivity and happiness during this difficult time. Some are using chalk on sidewalks to send their messages.

Charlotte Ianucci, 13, in Cosey Beach, East Haven left messages on the sidewalk outsider her house this week. The messages varied from, “Smile” to “Wash Your Hands.”

She told News 8 Tuesday, she was trying to figure out what to do with her sister and her mom that could keep them all in good spirits during the crisis. “We we were all trying to talk about ‘what are some good ways we could spread that around the community?’” Charlotte explained. “We were brainstorming some good messages, and then we just wrote them down as we went.”

Lori Ianucci, Charlotte’s mom, said one of the neighbors thanked them for leaving the encouraging messages, and that it made the woman’s day.

When News 8 asked Lori if she has learned anything about her kids in these last few weeks, she said that kids are maybe more resilient than adults, but that overall, we are probably all stronger than we think we are.

Marissa sent in pictures of messages she left on her driveway, her family asking people to ‘Stay home and practice social-distancing so America can become healthy again.’

Danbury twins Olivia and Molly Seidl also go in on the love, drawing rainbows with messages like “Stay Positive.”

The West Haven Fire Department was also left a wonderful message by its neighbors, thanking them for being brave.

And kids in other parts of the city coloring the sidewalk down an entire block with inspiring messages.

Mom, Regina Kaczmarek, sent in a video of some ‘sidewalk encouragement’ her kids, Landon and Maddyson, drew down their sidewalk “to spread cheer and smiles around the country…[and] for all the walkers in our neighborhood as they walked by our home. Hoping to make them smile during this difficult time.”

The messages include “Smile” and “This too shall pass.”

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