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At Call My Mom, we derive inspiration from the life-affirming power of communication.
We have a deep understanding of how regular coaching sessions can positively impact both mental and physical health, and the specific benefits it delivers to the senior parents of adult children.

By providing lifestyle coaching that engages and comforts your aging parents, we are also
helping to relieve your stress. Knowing that your mom or dad is being regularly encouraged of important things like physical activity, social engagement and healthy eating habits is one of the many benefits of our wellness coaching service. The peace of mind that comes from knowing they are safe and healthy is absolutely priceless.

We feel privileged to partner with adult children of aging parents such as yourself to provide this invaluable support resource.

Meet Your Leadership Care Team!

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Rosie Inguanzo-Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Rosie Inguanzo-Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Call My Mom, is the founder and administrator of a top-rated home health agency serving 89 cities. Through many years of serving seniors, their spouses, and their families transitioning into a stage in life where additional care is needed, Rosie strengthened her heart for helping people.

As the primary caregiver for her own aging mother, Rosie organized care and support while navigating her mother’s changing needs. This included organizing phone calls, which her mother loved to receive. After her mother succumbed to congestive heart failure at 91, Rosie mused, “I wish I could call my mom. She loved phone calls.” This was the moment when Rosie and Joe decided to continue adding sunshine to senior’s lives through meaningful phone conversations.

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Joe Martin

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Martin, Chief Operating Officer of Call My Mom, is a physical therapist and a founder of a 5-star Medicare rated home health agency that coordinates care for seniors in 89 different cities. Joe has a proven track record of successfully managing interdisciplinary teams of registered nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians and caregivers. It’s this experience that helped him hone his vision for a senior friend finder and home care assistance resource that provided companionship for seniors who don’t necessarily need home health care.

While collaborating with his wife, Rosie, and considering her mother’s changing needs as she progressed through her golden years, they were inspired to found Call My Mom. Today, Joe is proud to offer this same quality service to other adult children who are looking for something extra for their aging parents and for ways to invest in their parents’ daily lives.

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Scott Cochrane

Chief Strategy Officer

Scott Cochrane, Chief Strategy Officer of Call My Mom, has spent almost 3 decades coaching people on ways to live a healthier, happier life by focusing on achieving balance with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

As a coach for corporations, he helps them build sustainable companies that make a positive social impact. He has helped executives and their families transition to new lives at key career change moments. But also, he helps aging executives achieve health and vitality during transitional stages in life.

Bringing these skills to Call My Mom, Scott adds his positive outlook on life, his inspiring leadership, his creative business strategies, and his insights into healthy aging to help create a team of quality CareFriends who work together to bring positive interactions to seniors.

Our Core Values


Call My Mom offers a caring, nurturing and safe environment for meaningful conversation lifestyle coaching. You trust us to provide quality guidance to your mom or dad and we’ll go above and beyond to earn this trust.

Quality of Life is our #1 focus. Each day we look forward to coaching seniors, providing a time for positive encouragement and companionship to help brighten their day. There’s no reason for the elderly to suffer from loneliness and depression when they can talk to someone who cares. We care and we’re listening.


Give your mom or dad the best gift!

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift no matter when it’s given. Show your mom or dad how much you care with the gift of a CareFriend and the individualized care and attention they’ll provide. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and one that he or she deserves!