Best Alternative to Nursing Homes

Jun 6, 2019

The #1 Alternative to Nursing Homes for Your Senior Parent

The handwriting is on the wall: your senior parent needs more attention and you’re starting to look for alternatives to nursing homes by finding elderly home care, senior helpers and home care assistance. As your parent’s needs increase, the urgency factor escalates.

Traditionally, the nursing home has been the answer to finding a caregiver for your parent, but is there something better for your mom or dad? Is there a way to provide senior independent living with supplemental senior care services that keeps your loved one safe, healthy and happy without breaking the bank?

Now You’re Responsible for Them

Your mom or dad has always been there for you. Through the good times and the bad. Through all the ups and downs of life. Whatever you needed, you could always count on them for sacrificially providing for you and for offering timely words of encouragement, support and love.

Now, the years have taking their toll and your parent is aging. All those years of hard work are past and the golden age of retirement is here. But instead of enjoying life to its fullest, your parent has an increasing number of needs that are not being met. Now, your roles have reversed and you feel responsible for meeting their needs.

Finding the best solutions to their desire for aging in place can be daunting. The options for senior living outside of the home are plentiful, but the costs are high and the disadvantages are numerous. There must be a better way to help your mom or dad stay home but still have adequate elderly support.

Help is One Call Away

One of the best resources for independent senior living is Call My Mom. This support service is available throughout the week to fill in the gaps of attention to ensure your loved one is being looked after. The tremendous burden of worrying about your aging parent every day can be lightened with the knowledge that Call My Mom is on the case.

What if there is a problem? If the CareFriend at Call My Mom determines your parent needs some follow-up from you or some medical assistance, he will act immediately. You will receive an email informing you of the situation or, if it is an emergency, you will receive a phone call after 911 has been notified.

The Worst Part of Living Alone

The worst part of aging in place for a single person is loneliness. Loneliness among the elderly is a major concern in the United States and it is on the rise. According to AARP research, roughly one-third of Americans over the age of 45 experience loneliness.

In our age of technology, quality communication has gone down and isolation has increased. Smart phones, tablets, social media and the internet have deepened our divisions. Gone are the days of making a personal connection with each interaction. Now, it’s easier to order online than to shop in a store and it’s faster to send a text than to talk about your day with someone.

Individualism has also contributed to feelings of isolation. More people are living longer and are living alone than in decades past. As the senior population grows, these concerns continue to grow.

The Answer is Easy

Communication is a key component in bridging feelings of isolation. Regular, quality communication is one of the best ways to combat loneliness and depression in your parent, but the demands of life make that difficult to achieve. It can be nearly impossible to balance work, spouse, children, household, yourself and your elderly mom or dad’s needs each day. That’s when Call My Mom becomes a lifesaver.

We provide meaningful conversations each day to our customers to make sure they know they are loved. We listen to their opinions and we care about their lives. Providing a safe, nurturing environment for their health and wellness is what we are all about.

But What about the Cost?

Call My Mom can actually save you money. Nursing homes, assisted living and in-home care can be incredibly expensive. As an alternative, you can subscribe to Call My Mom service which is uniquely positioned to provide daily companionship and wellness check-ins for your aging parent all without the extra expense of paying for in-home care.

As an added bonus, your parent will enjoy the companionship that comes with Call My Mom that is hard to find anywhere else. Our CareFriends offer friendships and positive input for our elderly customers to support a sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Does it Really Work?

Call My Mom really does work. Here are some ways that you can see tangible benefits in your mom or dad’s life.

Mental acuity. Staying socially active with positive interactions can play a key role in keeping elderly parents mentally alert. According to Mayo Clinic, staying socially connected and learning new things are important ways to stay mentally sharp and to get the most out of the retirement years. Call My Mom is dedicated to providing meaningful conversations each day to help seniors remain socially active and alert.

No more loneliness. A sense of companionship develops as our friendship with your mom or dad grows. Feelings of isolation or loneliness may dissipate with this vital connection that is made each day.

Shared workload. We partner with you to provide as much help as we can in taking care of your aging parent. In addition to our daily wellness checks, we can gently remind him/her to take medication, meet that day’s appointments, eat something healthy, get some exercise, and attend outings.

Fast response. If your parent didn’t answer the phone, we will notify you right away and keep trying to phone during the day, up to 3 more times. If your loved one needs follow-up care or medical attention, we also respond accordingly. Whatever is going on, you will be kept in the loop.

Affordable care. More affordable than home assistance, assisted living or nursing homes, Call My Mom provides wellness calls and companionship services to help seniors staying at home remain happy and healthy without breaking the bank.

Give your mom or dad the best gift!

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift no matter when it’s given. Show your mom or dad how much you care with the gift of a Care Friend and the individualized care and attention they’ll provide. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and one that he or she deserves!